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Company News // September 12, 2019

Get to know . . . Todd Preston

Get to know a little more about our people at Sturges Property Group!

CAD Specialist

I’m a native of…  Warren, Indiana

I got into commercial real estate… by happenstance.  My goal after college was to work somewhere designing residential homes. The new housing market was slow at the time and design firms were not hiring, so I switched gears and sent out resumes to the companies in the commercial development industry.  Sturges Property Group (then Sturges, Griffin & Trent) was looking to hire a full-time draftsman to start up a new department. The rest is history.

Years at Sturges Property Group: 30 years

My most memorable deal/property/issue was… I was asked to field measure a vacant funeral home for one of our listings.  The building had the electrical service disconnected, so it was dark inside except for the minimal daylight shining through the windows. Because of the building’s old age and construction, you could hear creaks coming from all over the place. Due to the darkness, creepy sounds, and possibility of lost “spirits” roaming around, I’ve never completed a building inspection more quickly than I did that day.

My primary hobby or side hustle is… trying to get better at the sport of golf.  Although, as anyone who’s tried the sport knows, it is a very frustrating endeavor. Tomorrow my hobby may be seeing how far I can heave a set of golf clubs into a body of water..

Favorite food: Homemade Cherry Pie with Ice Cream on top

Dog or cat? No pets, but my wife and I do babysit our “grand dogs” quite often.

What I do to unwind: Jump in my restored 1986 El Camino SS and take a drive.

The secret to my success is… Having a solid foundation of family

The person I would most want to be trapped in an elevator with for 12 hours, living or dead: An elevator mechanic who could fix the elevator so I wouldn’t have to be stuck in an elevator for 12 hours!

In a previous life, a.k.a. before commercial real estate, I…. was a college student.  Sturges Property Group was my very first job after graduating.

If I could be a comic book superhero, I’d be… Batman……who doesn’t want their own personal batmobile?

What’s next for me: No set plans yet. Eventually retire. If the whole golf thing works out, maybe spend my days on the course.

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