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Industry News // October 18, 2019

The Power of the Mural Movement

Murals Take Fort Wayne By Storm

If you are a Fort Wayne local or have recently visited the area, chances are you have come in contact with one of the many commissioned murals downtown. In 2014, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the owner of Pint and Slice came together to commission “NoseGo,” a wall mural showcasing vibrant colors, busy patterns, and creature who was born straight from the artist’s mind. This artwork was just the start of the mural movement that came to Fort Wayne. Shortly after this mural appeared, other mural art began to pop up on local buildings. By visiting Visit Fort Wayne’s website you can download a map detailing all of the must see mural paintings. Fort Wayne Public Art Map

Building a Community 

Mural paintings provide a touch-point for many people to connect. Businesses, artists, nonprofits, city officials, and more connected to make these murals a reality. These synergistic relationships aren’t limited to people and organizations, but it helps connect community members to the city giving them something to be proud of.

There is a strong community following and level of support for the mural painting happening around Fort Wayne. Similar to the art that you can find in the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the murals have a message or a story that viewers begin to discover. People also begin to develop favorites that they want to advocate for and encourage others to go visit.

The Added Safety

When you think of murals, you likely think of the aesthetic it adds to a building, not necessarily the potential safety factor it could bring to a community. The idea of safety is an added benefit to commissioning murals is supported by the “Broken Window” theory. This theory’s major focus is on encouraging communities to clean and maintain the area to decrease vandalism. 


This theory suggests that the added value of a clean and maintained building or structure in the community minimizes the threat of vandalism and eliminates it from being a target for future crime and destruction. This also means adding a mural to an empty building that is for sale can improve its chances of being maintained and respected by the public while it waits to be purchased.

Increased Foot Traffic

Apart from building community support and making a building look more visually appealing, there are many added benefits to commissioning a mural on your building—one of which is the increased foot traffic. If you are trying to increase visibility and traffic to your property, adding a mural may increase your chances of more people looking at your business or building. There is a huge following when it comes to the mural movement of downtown Fort Wayne. So much so, that there are maps and social media accounts dedicated to these projects.

Looking for new murals to visit? Be sure to stop by 1434 Wells St and 840 S Calhoun St to see the most recent murals that have joined the movement.

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