Serving Indiana Since 1975


We provide market value, insight, and exposure for all types of land property—from undeveloped acquisitions to mixed-use outlots. Whether you’re selling, buying for development, or buying for investment, our team will collaborate with you and guide you through the process.

Our land services team takes pride in helping sellers achieve the greatest possible results and guiding buyers through the rezoning process. We partner with a diverse group of surveyors, appraisers, engineers, and attorneys. Combined, we have the same goal—to provide a complete, high quality analysis of each individual land parcel.

Our land team excels at:

  • Mixed-use outlots
  • Land assemblage
  • Owner/User opportunities
  • Long-term speculation strategies
  • Medical, office, retail, & residential
  • Optimum pricing & marketing
  • Knowledgeable market outlooks
  • Organized & efficient disposition strategies
  • Access to broad networks of various buyers

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