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Company News, Industry News // January 29, 2020

Using Office Space to Increase Employee Engagement

More Than a Happy Employee

Whether a small team of 10 people or a large office consisting of more than 500 people, increasing employee engagement is always on the mind of management teams. In a recent survey compiled of 200,000+ responses from over 1,000 companies found that less than ⅓ of those employees felt they had a strong culture in the workplace. Culture in the workplace is a driving factor for increasing employee engagement and depending on who you talk to, the secret to success varies and a lot of it depends on the office space you are providing your employees.

Although it is commonly thought that employee engagement means an employee is happy or satisfied with their job, that is false. Being happy and satisfied certainly fosters an increase in employee engagement but simply being happy and satisfied isn’t the whole story. Having employees that are emotionally attached to their work and will go the extra mile is what employee engagement is all about. This can come in the form of working overtime without being asked, actively working to make the company better, not just themselves or even being a spokesperson for the company.

Employee Engagement Success 

Time after time, management teams have put their heads together to find what works best for their office space. Workplace flexibility with employees is one method shown to increase productivity and engagement in the workplace. These companies allow employees to adjust their work schedules and even offer to work remotely as an option. Giving employees this choice can contribute to feelings of freedom and fewer constraints by the 8 AM - 5 PM, five-day workweek.

Other methods for increasing employee engagement in the workplace may be easier to implement than the flexible workweek method. Companies like Warby Parker and Twitter make sure employees always have something to look forward to by planning employee events. Facebook has been known to offer a highly collaborative work environment with management working alongside other employees.

Space to Grow

Several companies have found a correlation between bettering the workspace aesthetic and increased employee engagement. is a well-known company making strides to improve their employee’s workday by adding plenty of amenities to the office. These amenities include a gym, cafe, game space, and greenhouse,—all for the employees to use and enjoy during their workday. 

Other suggestions to make an office space better for employee engagement include things like flexible living spaces, an open-door policy, and splashes of color. Flexible workspaces allow for employees to embrace collaboration as well as give them a different spaces to work from, which has been found to increase productivity. These workspaces can include couches, large tables for collaboration or big cozy chairs.

Working at Sturges Property Group

With experience in property leasing, buying, selling, and property management, Sturges Property Group has gained knowledge in what it takes to make a successful office environment. The various collaboration areas foster impromptu meetings and idea-sharing among coworkers. The small conference room has the ability to open into a larger space with the cafe to create a place for company gatherings where a community can be built. Additionally, glass doors on all office doors increase trustworthiness and accessibility.

Sturges also knows that not all changes need to be architectural. Office spaces can be improved with small, meaningful additions like natural light, plants, and great coffee. Providing fruit and healthy snacks in common areas for employees not only boosts morale but also encourages healthy living choices. Custom artwork in the office by local Fort Wayne artist Vicki Junk-Wright gives the Sturges office space a more personable touch and a sense of belonging tied to Fort Wayne.

If you are trying to find your perfect office space to buy or lease, give our office a call or take a look at our current listings!

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